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You’ll find all things art journaling: supplies, techniques, different tutorials, inspirational ideas and more. Let’s discover that inner artist of yours.

small green plant in front of a yellow wall

Composition In Art: Create Interest On Your Art Journal Pages

Do your art journal pages sometimes look unfinished, like there must be something more to them, but you just can’t figure out what you need to add or fix? What your art journal pages might be lacking is the interesting and appealing composition or organisation of the elements on the page. That’s why I wanted to share a solution to these problems by introducing composition in art.

gratitude journal prompts

Gratitude Journal Prompts: Art Journaling with Mindfulness

With gratitude, we understand our past better and find the meaning in it. Also, the habit of being thankful makes us appreciate everything we experience or have at this moment. And as a cherry on top, gratitude helps us envision our future with deep thankfulness for things yet to come. That’s why I want to share gratitude journal prompts that you can use for your art journal and develop the habit of being grateful every day while making art along the way.


Easy Things to Draw in Your Art Journal in 3 Minutes or Less

If you’re a bit intimidated by drawing things in your art journal thinking you have no drawing skills, you can still draw something simple and make your art journal pages interesting. To help you with that, I’ve prepared a list of easy things to draw in your art journal that you can do right away. They are super easy, cute and whimsical and they’ll take you just a few minutes.