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waterproof art journal supplies

Do Your Art Journal Pages Smear? Try These 5 Waterproof Art Supplies

Don’t you hate when you’re feeling so creative and enjoy making your art journal pages and then suddenly something smears and smudges your page. The background music stops. The happy bubble bursts. And you just sit there thinking in disappointment: no, no, no, no, NO! So, what can you do to stop your art journal pages from smearing? Try waterproof art supplies. There are many to choose from, and I’m going to list some that I’ve tried over the years and that have served me really well.

paintbrushes on a table

Top 5 Art Supplies To Use In Your Art Journal

Do you need a whole craft store delivered to you in order to make art and express yourself? Do you need a bunch of art supplies to make your art journal pages? Well, no. Although it would be fun to have all those supplies you see in the craft stores, the ones looking at you and seducing you with their color and awesomeness, you only need a small part of those supplies to create. And to be satisfied with what you make. That’s why I wanted to share the top 5 art journal supplies I always go back to. No matter how much stuff I buy, I always somehow have the top 5 or 6 that my hand wants to hold and work with.

fall collage mixed media tutorial

Fall Collage: Creative Mindfulness Exercise With Mixed Media

Through years of art journaling, I’ve found that creating art and being mindful about it can do wonders to my mood and overall positive self-reflection. So, the other day, while I was thinking about a fall collage in my art journal, an idea came out of the blue. If you think about the fall and the falling leaves, you can see that the trees let go of leaves so they can prepare for new and fresh things. So, with this artistic mindfulness exercise, I wanted to share how to become more aware of the things you want to let go.