You've started art journaling, but have no idea what you're doing?

Making art can be fun and easy even if you’re a beginner. Discover how you can grow your confidence and make art you’ll really love.
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Are you always wondering where
& how to start?

Do art gurus often tell you to "just start" without telling you how?

The truth is, beginners like you struggle with starting and you’re overwhelmed with all the options online, and gurus telling you to buy those supplies, and to just let it flow, just start, just feel it in you, just relax, just paint intutitively. 

I mean, what the heck?!

As a beginner, you need guidance, a simple & soft approach that’ll show you that you too CAN make this art thing everyone is raving about. You don’t need 3 gazillion layers on your pages or 354 different pens & brushes, or your highly developed intuition. 

I'd like you to see how easy it is to start when you know exactly what to do each time you open your art journal

That’s why I’m inviting you to sign up for my free art journal course for beginners like you. This course will teach you how to always get your own ideas for your art, in the simplest way possible.

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I’m an art journaling enthusiast and I’m eager to reveal this world of free and magical art. You too can discover your inner artist and I’m here to help you. Art has been my passion since forever and I want to share my experience with you and teach you how to use art journaling to be creative every day and to reconnect with yourself.

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Every artist was first an amateur

Ralph Waldo Emerson