38 Cute and Easy Doodles to Draw in Your Art Journal

If you have an art journal, I’m sure you’ve tried doodling at one point. Doodling is fun, interesting, easy, but can anybody draw cute doodles? Yes!

If you don’t like your doodles and drawings, maybe all you need is a bit of inspiration and more simplicity. That’s why I’m sharing cute and easy doodles to draw for beginners in art journaling.


I’m not an expert, but doodling has always helped me when I’m bored or even anxious. I may not even realize it at the moment of doodling, but it sure as hell feels like the simplest therapy there is.

At Harvard Health Publishing, Srini Pillay says that doodling can help you with your memory, stress release and improved focus. Well, isn’t that something worth trying out?

The article argues that, by doodling, we may be able to feel more relaxed and concentrate more and that doodles can reveal what is going on in the unsconcious.

For me, this is enough to try some cute doodles and fill my art journal with them whenever I want to add something more to my pages, or just to relax.

So, if you’re interested and curious, here are some easy and cute doodles you can try out in your art journal. Have fun :).

Cute and easy doodles to draw

Just a quick tip. If you’re afraid you’ll ruin your drawing in the first try, just use a pencil and then trace it with a pen afterward. If you wonder what pens to use, here’s an article about the best pens for doodling.

1.Nature doodles

2. Animal doodles

3. Food doodles

4. Universe doodles

5. Whimsical doodles

6. Flowers in a vase

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    1.Nature doodles

    An easy doodle of three mountain peaks with snow tops.

    mountain peeks drawing

    A sunset at sea with cute little birds flying around.

    sunset doodle

    A cute tree in a circle. Drawing circles around doodles is a great way to make them more visible and to stand out.

    tree drawing in a circle

    Rain can be inspiring rather than sad, right? This easy-to-draw doodle is super cute and I’m sure you’ll love it.

    cloud and rain drawing

    Doodles would be nothing if there weren’t flowers. They’re one of the easiest doodles to draw, and here’s one you can try right now:

    a simple flower doodle

    2. Animal doodles

    This little fish is easy to draw with a few lines and a heart for the eye. A true touch of whimsy!

    whimsical fish doodle

    You can draw a cute cat doodle by using just a few lines. Add a nice detail like a circle or a heart in the middle of the drawing.


    I’m not a fan of drawing animals, but if they’re simple, cute, and a bit whimsical, I’m in for it. Look at this cutie pie below.

    a simple bird drawing

    I used to doodle this simple flock of birds all the time. You can play with sizes to make them seem far away or close. Also, paint them in different colors for a whimsical look.

    three simple birds drawing

    3. Food doodles

    Who doesn’t like sweet cherries? And they’re amazingly easy to doodle.

    cherry drawing

    If you’re a pizza lover like me, you can doodle something like this piece below, and later just add color.

    pizza doodle

    Delicious watermelon is also an easy doodle to draw: two semi-circles, a line, and some drops, and voila!

    watermelon doodle

    What about cups of coffee or tea? You can add doodles to the cup, too.

    coffee cup drawing

    Cupcakes can be so cute, especially if you add color or sprinkles, which makes them even cuter.

    a cupcake drawing

    What about a cute little lollipop? You can draw it big and then journal inside the swirly part.

    lollipop doodle

    4. Universe doodles

    I love drawing and doodling things from the universe, especially planets and stars. Here’s how you can easily doodle this one:

    planet and stars drawing

    I love doodling constellations. They’re easy to doodle: draw a few stars and connect them with lines. That’s it.


    We can never have enough stars in our journals. They can be great finishing touches on our pages or just doodles here and there to fill the empty space.

    three stars doodle

    Here’s another one you can draw with the moon and the clouds. You can make the clouds thicker if you want to. Paint the clouds in unusual colors like pinks and yellow for more interest.

    moon with clouds

    5. Whimsical doodles

    What’s more whimsical than the moon and the stars? I just love these easy doodles.

    a moon doodle

    You can combine flower wreaths and words in a big circle, like in the example below.

    flower wreath and the world love

    Why not combine the moon, clouds, the sun, and stars into one super cute doodle?

    whimsical doodle

    When I doodle for relaxation, or just talk on the phone, I usually doodle swirls lines and dots.

    swirl doodle

    One of the cutest doodles to draw is a jar with dreamy things in it.

    universe in a jar doodle

    A doodle of a banner with signs, letters, words can be super cute, and amazingly easy to draw.

    decoration doodle

    I can’t get enough of the moon doodles. They never disappoint and you can make it as whimsical as you want. The less ordinary, the more interesting.

    moon with flowers doodle

    When you draw a circle like this, you can create a whole whimsical world inside it.

    moutains and stars doodle

    Ok, this one looks like a product by a 3-year-old, but its simplicity makes it the cutest thing ever.

    a heart with eyes and hands

    Houses are always fun and easy to draw doodles. And if you add a few things like a heart, rain, or flowers, it looks cuter and more whimsical.

    house and rainy cloud drawing

    Rainbows are always interesting to draw. I didn’t paint this one, but you can play with colors and make it as simple as you can. There’s beauty in that, I promise you that.

    a simple rainbow drawing

    Just a simple swirl can look amazing on your pages. This doodle is so easy to draw that you can literally make hundreds of them.

    swirly doodle

    Just a few lines and you have a cute envelope doodle.

    a cute envelope drawing

    If you play with lines and shapes, you can doodle cute gifts with bows.

    a present drawing

    A caste is easy to draw with only a few lines. You can literally draw it without lifting your pen off the paper, that’s how easy it is.

    a simple castle drawing

    I love doodling whimsical eyes and adding unusual eyelashes or irises.

    whimsical eye doodle

    6. Flowers in a vase

    The simplest flower doodle ever, gently put into a vase. How cute is that? Check more of these below.

    a flower in a vase drawing
    flowers in a vase
    flower in a vase drawing

    How to practice drawing doodles?

    doodle infographic

    Here are some tips for practicing easy doodle drawings.

    Add color

    If your doodles seem too simple, try adding color to them with markers, pens, or watercolor. Just be careful if you’re using watercolor on small doodles. You might get a smudgy doodle because it’s so small for painting with water.

    I’d rather use pens and markers for this.

    Use thin and thick lines

    If you want your doodles to look more appealing and have more depth, use thick and thin lines to add dimension. I usually add thin lines on my flower doodles to give them more depth.

    flower doodle with dimension

    Look at things as shapes

    Drawing can be tough, I know. But if you practice looking at things as a collection of shapes and lines, you’ll draw more easily.

    For example, when I drew this radio below, I only used shapes like rectangles and circles, and a few lines.


    Use dots as reference

    This is a great piece of advice, especially for abstract doodles. I learned this great technique from Mr. Otter Art Studio on YouTube. She first draws dots and then she connects them with lines and creates wonderful flowers. Here’s my take on it:

    cute doodle of a flower

    The places where the flowers meet are those initial dots. Amazing, right?

    Draw a circle around your doodles

    I already mentioned this above with some examples. If you want to practice more easy doodles, first draw a circle and then create a whole world of doodles inside that circle. Doing it this way, you’ll limit your drawing space and thus spark your creativity. It sounds contradictory, but it really works. This doodle below is one of my favorites.

    moutains and stars doodle


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    easy doodles to draw