Easy Watercolor Art Journal Pages You Can Do in 20 Mins or Less

Even if you’re a complete beginner in art journaling and using watercolors, you can still create amazing watercolor art journal pages.

There are so many things to do with watercolors and so many different techniques, but let’s start simple today, and not overwhelm ourselves.

I’m going to share a few easy watercolor art journal pages you can do in 20 minutes or less. They require no special skills, and above all, they are fun to make!

For each page, I’ll list the supplies you’ll need and possible replacements. Then I’ll explain the process step by step so you can easily follow and recreate those pages in your art journal.

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    A QUICK NOTE: I did these pages in two art journals: Marabu Mixed Media Journal and Jane Davenport Watercolor Art Journal. Both of these journals have thick paper that can handle water, especially Jane Davenport’s journal, which has watercolor paper inside. If you try using watercolor on a regular printing paper or regular notebook, you might be disappointed because these think papers can’t handle water at all.

    The supplies I’m using for these tutorials:

    1.Jane Davenport Watercolor Art Journal

    2. Marabu Mixed Media Art Journal

    3. Mitsubishi black fine liner – waterproof

    4. Black waterproof ink pad by Ranger

    5. Jane Davenport Eye Stamps

    6. Jane Davenport watercolor sets: the bright set & the neutral set

    7. Posca pens: Metallic green and Metallic red

    8. Pilot Choose Gold pen

    You can use any supplies that you have. Just go through your stash and see what you can use for doodling and journaling, what stamps to choose and which watercolors to use.

    The supplies I’m using are only suggestions.


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    beginner art journal starter kit

    Easy watercolor art journal page – tutorial 1

    Supplies you’ll need:

    1. Watercolor paint
    2. Stamp (any stamp, but if you have a text or abstract stamp, they’ll work the best)
    3. Black ink pad
    4. Waterproof black pen
    5. A magazine image of a girl
    6. Paper scraps (optional)

    Step 1.

    Choose two of your favorite watercolor paints and paint an abstract, horizontal shape. Mix those two colors while they’re still wet, and add some dimension by letting the paint flow down freely. Check the photo below.

    watercolor art journal page

    This is how it looks finished. I used blue and pink and a lot of water. That’s why you can see these dots in the watercolor. This journal doesn’t have actual watercolor pages, but it’s still thick enough that it can handle some water.

    To be honest, I love those dots. At first, I was shocked because I didn’t see this coming, but in a matter of seconds, I realized how lovely these dots look. They make a wonderful texture.

    watercolor painting in an art journal

    Step 2.

    I used a text stamp that I love so much. I’ve had it for such a long time that I forgot the name and the brand. But if you don’t have a stamp like this, use any other stamp you think would fit nicely here.

    stamping on the watercolor page

    Tip: Don’t use the whole stamp on the page. Press just some bits of it. This way, it’ll look more distressed and more interesting.

    Here’s how I did it:

    art journal watercolor page

    Step 3.

    Choose a magazine image or a photo, or even a stamped image. It’s up to you.

    I found a lovely image in a magazine of a girl in a yellow shirt. This instantly drew my attention because I knew yellow would work well with blue and pink.

    adding magazine photo on the page

    As you can see, I also added a piece of scrap paper that had a lovely cut out. I used it to frame the girl.

    Step 4.

    Take a black pen and do some doodling and journaling.

    I drew stars and dots and later added more dots with a yellow marker because of her yellow shirt.

    Tip: Try to use your main object’s colors (in this case it’s the yellow from the shirt) on the rest of the page as well. This unites the page and gives more interest to it.

    doodling on an art journal page
    hand holding a yellow marker
    finished watercolor art journal page
    detail of an art journal page

    Easy watercolor page – tutorial 2

    Supplies you’ll need:

    1. Masking tape
    2. Watercolor paint
    3. Stamps
    4. Black ink pad
    5. Black pen

    Step 1.

    Glue the masking tape to create rectangular or square shapes.

    Do this any way you like and don’t forget to tape the edges, too.

    I didn’t measure anything here. Don’t worry about your shapes being the same size, just do it intuitively.

    masking tape in an art journal

    Step 2.

    Start painting in the shapes with different watercolors.

    I choose blue and pink again but used different shades.

    painting squares with watercolor

    It should look something like this:

    painting watercolor shapes

    And when you take the tape off:

    watercolor shapes in an art journal

    Step 3.

    Choose your stamps and think about what you want to journal on the page.

    I picked two girl stamps and a Jane Davenport eye stamp.

    On other squares, I wrote positive affirmations, stars, and some doodles.

    If you don’t have any stamps that could go here, you can draw some doodles in the shapes.

    stamps and ink on a journal
    journal page with watercolor and stamps
    close-up of an art journal page

    Easy watercolor art journal page – tutorial 3

    Supplies you’ll need:

    1. Watercolor
    2. Stamps (I used flower stamps)
    3. Black ink pad
    4. Black pen
    5. Washi tape

    Step 1.

    First, start adding some water on top of the page with a bigger brush.

    putting water on a page with a brush

    Step 2.

    Then, start adding watercolor on top while also adding more water where necessary.

    The goal is to get enough water and paint so they can flow down easily.

    Next, lift your journal horizontally to let the paint go down.

    hand holding a journal vertically

    Here’s how it looks:

    art journal page

    Step 3.

    You can continue while the first layer is still wet, but you don’t have to.

    Start with the second color on the top right and let it flow in the same way as with the first color.

    watercolor art journal page step 2

    Step 4.

    I pulled out a few of my flower stamps and stamped them a bit left from the center.

    stamped flowers on watercolor

    If you don’t have flower stamps, just doodle your own. You can use my page as a reference for doodling.

    Step 5.

    Later, I just added the stems with my black pen and doodled some leaves.

    finished flower doodles on watercolor

    Then I painted the leaves with watercolor.

    Tip: You don’t have to paint within lines, even better if you paint outside the lines. This gives a looser look.

    painting the leaves with watercolor

    Step 6.

    Next, I painted the flowers, too. I chose blue here because blue and orange are complementary colors so I wanted to see how that would look.

    finished watercolor flowers

    Step 7.

    Now, let’s do a few finishing touches.

    Put some washi tape at the bottom of the flowers, to unite them.

    Then, scribble a line across the page with a black pen.

    Finally, add some journaling on the right. It could be a quote, and affirmation, or just your thoughts.

    journaling with a black pen

    Easy watercolor art journal page – tutorial 4

    Supplies you’ll need:

    1. Watercolor
    2. Black waterproof pen
    3. Stamp
    4. Black ink pad

    Step 1.

    Start by choosing two colors and adding them to the page with a big brush and a lot of water. The goal is to make a big blob of soft watercolor.

    watercolor blob on art journal page

    You’ll have more success if you paint both colors while they’re still wet.

    This way, they’ll blend better and create a softer look.

    Tip: Leave some white space, like small portions of white throughout the watercolor blob. This creates depth and interest.

    You can also soften the edges by using a wet brush after the paint is a bit dry but not entirely, and push the paint out, as in the photo below.

    painting with watercolor in a journal

    Step 2.

    I like to add one more color: yellow.

    Remember that I had the same color combo in the first tutorial? I definitely feel those colors today!

    So, choose the third color and add a bit here and there.

    a watercolor mark on art journal page

    Step 3.

    Continue by doodling flowers.

    Here’s how I do this.

    I look at the page for a few moments to notice any shapes that could be transformed into flowers. I found a few and started doodling petals inside the shapes.

    sketched flowers on watercolor

    Step 4.

    If you want to, you can add black watercolor in the flowers and let the paint flow down the page. If you don’t have black watercolor, just use any other darker shade.

    hand holding the journal vertically

    Step 5.

    I also stamped a bit at the bottom of the flowers. I love this text stamp!

    art journal page with watercolor and stamps

    You can put a sticker on there, add some journaling around. Whatever feels right to you.

    close-up of letter stamp image

    Easy watercolor page – tutorial 5

    Supplies you’ll need:

    1. Watercolors
    2. Black waterproof pen
    3. Gold/green/red pen or marker

    Step 1.

    Choose three different colors and paint shapes like rectangles, circles, and half-circles.

    The goal is to enjoy, and there’s no right or wrong way fo doing this.

    I chose blue, orange and yellow. (No pink this time.)

    You can draw other things like lines, dots, small circles, etc.

    watercolor shapes on a apge

    Step 2.

    Take your pens and start doodling minimalistic flowers and leaves.

    I chose the black Mitsubishi pen, green and red metallic Posca pens, and a gold pen.

    You can also doodle lines and other small shapes to give more interest to the whole image.

    close-up of flower doodles

    Step 3.

    Finally, add some journaling. I used a quote that I found on Pinterest.

    finished art journal page

    Painting with watercolor can be easy and fun!

    I was afraid of using watercolor before because it seemed so intimidating.

    Then, after a long time of trial and error, I realized that perfection is overrated and actually doesn’t exist. The time spent experimenting with your supplies and not worrying about the rights or wrongs is time best spent.

    My point is that you can paint with watercolors, too, and create amazing pages. Just start simple like these tutorials and build from there.

    Watercolors are amazing and once you relax with the brush in your hand and paint intuitively, you’ll discover how satisfying it is.

    So, I hope I inspired you with these simple tutorials and that you’ll try at least one of them and continue to experiment and learn.


    beginner art journal starter kit


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