What Are The Benefits of Starting An Art Journal

I could name hundreds of great benefits of starting an art journal, but I’ve chosen the 4 most amazing ones you get from art journaling.

Have you always felt that being an artist is unreachable to you? I am sure that big blank canvas image in your head is pretty scary, right?

Do you want to create but don’t know where to start?

If you answer “yes” to these questions, I would love to see you change that. I want you to change your story from I’m afraid, I can’t be an artist to anything is possible, I choose to be an artist.

Now, imagine the feeling of freedom and lack of fear when you create.

Imagine endless possibilities to express your inner artistic voice with no boundaries.

Well, art journaling makes that possible.

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    Starting an art journal is great for artistic and personal growth

    I am so in love with art journaling, the freedom, and satisfaction it provides, and I want you to experience it, too.

    Who says that only painting on canvas is really what makes an artist? I remember those boundaries, that feeling of being creatively stuck and afraid of mistakes and failure.

    For instance, I used to buy paints and paintbrushes, canvases and other tools. And I would store them for “maybe one day”. Let me tell you that I still have those canvases stored. BUT I also have a great number of art journals I use every day.

    Starting an art journal has helped me improve my artistic skills, learn new things and most importantly, let go of fear.

    That is the beauty of the art journaling process: the freedom to explore without fear and express yourself in any artistic way you desire.

    1. Art journaling gives you artistic freedom


    My favorite thing about art journaling is that it lets you be free in artistic expression. What does that mean? It literally means you have no boundaries. You can use whatever medium or tool you want.

    Your art journal can take anything you put in it.


    Trust me on this one.

    Now, imagine what you can create in it if you could create anything! How does finger painting sound to you? Or doodling your favorite words?

    What about gluing magazine photos on paper like we all used to do when we were teenagers (remember those days of carefree fun?!). What about exploring pencil drawing, painting, spraying? You name it. NO LIMITS.

    2. Art journaling allows you to be an artist. Every. Single. Day.


    Art journaling is very convenient in our busy lives. Because, first of all, you make art in a notebook, the size, and type of which you choose. So you can take it anywhere, you can store it easily and access at any time.

    If you only have an hour for yourself, you can just grab your art journal and make something real quick, but still, have that satisfaction of implementing something artful in your day.

    Secondly, you can take your art journal with you wherever you go. If you have a break at work, you can use it to write your thoughts or doodle, anything that will make you feel you did something artistic that day.

    Also, you can just scribble something in it, write a part of a poem or a quote and decorate it a bit. It doesn’t make you overthink and prepare a bunch of supplies or take you a lot of time. But it is still a fulfilling and productive creative process.

    Above all, art journaling is light and carefree. It lets you engage in art every day without being overwhelmed or stuck.

    3. Art journaling is personal


    As in an ordinary journal, if you want to, you can pour your thoughts and words in an art journal, too. That’s why it becomes very personal. It is something you can really cherish.

    As a result, an art journal becomes your personal outlet for art and for your emotions as well. It is only yours. Nobody has to see it. Ever.

    You can combine art and journaling and have something only for yourself to express who you really are.

    It becomes a kind of artistic diary. Art journaling can help you express your emotions in a number of ways. You choose. You can take your time and deal with emotions while still practicing art.

    Above all, art journaling is all about the process. So, while creating in it, you can also deal with what’s deep inside you and trust the process.

    Above all, the result is not that important, whatever the result, you enjoy the process!

    Art journaling process is how you can get to know your inner self better and be more honest to yourself.

    Because, remember, nobody is watching, and nobody is judging in this process. It is just about you.

    4. When you art journal, you grow as an artist and don’t feel overwhelmed or pressured


    Remember those canvases I mentioned earlier? I was always too afraid to practice on a canvas. Of course I was! Why would I want to ruin a canvas just for practicing?!

    But, the story changes when you have an art journal. You can practice all you want, make mistakes, ruin a page.

    In the end, it doesn’t really matter. It doesn’t matter at all!

    With art journaling, you can explore freely

    Say you want to get better at using acrylics and the next day you feel like painting with watercolors. Then, you discover how to draw a face and want to practice that. Your art journal allows all these things.

    You might not like all of your art journal pages, but you learn as you go. Leave those pages you don’t like, let them live and always remind you that you have grown from there.

    It is a wonderful thing to come back to some old pages and see how much you have learned and grown. It fills you with butterflies in your stomach. You’ve been in love, you know the feeling!

    I love the joy of experimenting in my art journals. You can take anything you want and see what it is like on your page. Trying different media is always fun. Also, mix them together to see what happens. You can try out new techniques and tools, together or individually.

    You choose what to do and how to do it. Anything is possible and there are no limits. If you don’t feel pressured at all, you can really relax and create, and over time, your art is going to grow and you are going to be more fulfilled and satisfied.

    This is a fact. As a result, you will get more confident with every new page you create.

    Starting an art journal will change your perspective on art and yourself

    close-up of mixed media art journal page

    I wasted years in fear of using my paint brushes, because I believed I couldn’t call myself an artist and that I didn’t have what it took to create something artistic I would enjoy.

    And today? Well, I am not an expert on all things art, but I’ve never enjoyed art more. I am not afraid anymore, if I don’t like a page, well, I just turn the next one and carry on. As simple as that.

    Among other benefits of starting an art journal, you will experience the freedom of artistic expression, with no limitations. Also, you will be able to make art every day, without feeling overwhelmed or pressured.

    More importantly, art journaling lets you dive deep into yourself and express your emotions and thoughts in a carefree and artful way.

    With all this, it enables you to grow as an artist, but also as a person because it gives you grounds to nurture your self-confidence. You will be enjoying the process and not care so much about the result.

    And finally, you are going to have a wonderful alone time, with no one there to judge you. Only you, your thoughts, your emotions, and your art.

    Now that you’re feeling motivated and impatient to start creating art (happy dance!!), here’s a complete guide on how to start an art journal.

    You could also use some household items to create in your art journal.

    Also, if you can’t find inspiration for art journaling, check this post on how to find inspiration.

    Start art journaling without any overwhelm with a free course

    Sign up for this free art journaling course for beginners and start expressing your creative side without blocks or any overwhelm.

    art journal starter course

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