How to Make a Vision Board Art Journal in 7 Easy Steps

Making a vision board art journal is a powerful way of influencing your mind and creating your own reality. Also, a bonus you get from this is the joy of making art.

I can’t tell you how much I love this vision board-art journal combo! Isn’t it wonderful when you can set your imagination free and daydream about what you want?

However, just imagining something without a bit of effort or strong intention, and taking action, nobody should expect an overnight dream life. So, you need to take action.

But the cool part is that, by making a vision board art journal, you will have so much fun!  It’s not going to feel like a task. But quite the opposite, it’s gonna feel as easy and wonderful as watching a sunset on a spring night.

I’m so happy to share how to make a vision board in your journal and organize it, what to include in it and how to make it come true. I promise you’ll be fascinated.

I’ve also created a vision board art journal printable that you can download for free by filling out the form below.

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What is a vision board?

A vision board is a visual representation of your dream situation, that is, your goals.

Practically, it’s a board where you write or glue things to visually present your goals. This visual aspect is so important because images tend to stick in our minds. And the mind is what we want to influence here.

On top of that, think about the words vision, visual, and visualization. All of them have the same base meaning.

Firstly, you create a vision of your future goals (in your mind).

Next, you put things like photos and words in your visual board art journal (a physical projection of the vision).

Finally, you visualize your dream outcomes by looking at your board,  thinking about it, and chewing every bit of it. (In your mind by influencing the subconscious level.) The result is the actual manifestation of your goals.

This is the key to understanding how vision boards work. We’ll come to that later. But first, let’s see how to make this vision board thingy in your art journal.

How to make a vision board art journal in 7 steps

1. Think about your intentions and goals.


Dig deep here. Explore far and beyond. In other words, be a miner of your deep self, and figure out what you desire. And don’t skip this step because setting your intention is powerful. I need you to be all nerdy about this.

Here are some prompts to help you go that way:

What would make you wake up happy every morning?

How would you like to feel at the end of the year?

What would you like to accomplish by the end of the month/year/two years?

How do you see yourself as a person in the future? Who do you want to be/become?

Is there a skill you want to perfect?

Do you want to do something that’ll make your heart sing?

Try to have some alone time, undisturbed, and answer these questions. You can start your answers with

I want …

I am …

The key is to say them in the present tense, not the future. Answering in the NOW, as if you’ve already experienced your dream goals, is powerful. This way, you’re telling the universe the feeling is already there, you just need a little push.

2. What should a vision board include? Gather your supplies.

An art journal.

First, pick a journal. Any notebook will do. I made my own small journal for this and I love it for its simplicity. Also, you can make your own DIY art journal, and here’s how to make one.

After that, based on what you set as your goals and intentions, pick your materials.

Magazine pictures, your photos, and paper.


The easiest way to collect materials is to go through magazines and cut out pictures that represent your desires. For example, a photo of a place you want to visit, or an image that evokes a happy feeling.

One of my favorites are images of interior designs because I like dreaming about my own home.

The internet is packed with photos, so search for the ones that’ll fit your vision and print them out.

Also, you can include different paper scraps, just to freshen it up a bit. Think about your favorite colors and designs.

printable stickers for art journaling

You can find feminine designs and words in the vision board art journal printable, which you can get at the bottom of the post! (Hint: some of them are in the photo above.)

Also, there are vision board kits online that you can buy, so you don’t have to buy magazines just for this purpose.


Additionally, choose inspirational and motivational words. Words are strong and day after day of looking at these powerful words, they’ll stick. They’ll stick on you like a dozen stubborn post-it papers. And we want that!

Decorative material.

art journal supplies

What about stickers? They’re great for this purpose. They’re purely decorative. But, if you find stickers that relate to your topic, even better!

Next, use washi tape. They come in different sizes and designs, they are handy to glue things down, plus their design can be so yummy.

Then, gather pens and markers because you’re going to do a lot of writing. I love black waterproof pens because they don’t smudge. Also, try different markers for lettering.

Finally, include a dried flower if you like. I love dried flowers and they are amazing when you put them in your journal. The flowers give a final magical touch.

3. Put it all together


Once you’ve collected the materials, choose a place where you could create your board without interruptions. Consider it your sacred time. Make it that important. This is the action that you don’t want to miss because it’s crucial for your intentions. This way, you freely project them into the journal.

Then, try to use each page of the journal for one single intention. For example, on the first page, you can put a positive affirmation for all your intentions to come true. Something like this one: Every intention and desire in this journal comes true at the best possible time and I’m grateful for that.

That said, combine the materials so they relate to your goals. Organize them intuitively and take the moment to be mindful of the process. Have that intention in your mind all the time.

If something is really important to you, make it stand out by coloring around it, or doodling something. Also, write anything you want to go together with your visions. List your wishes, intentions, or goals. You can use words from the vision board printable (get it at the bottom of this post!).

When you’re satisfied with the placement of things, glue them down.

4. How do vision boards work? VISUALIZATION is the key.


Visualization is a process where you imagine the desired outcome or a dream scenario. It sounds simple. Because it is.

But, don’t rush with visualizations. Take time to really experience the process. Plan some alone, quiet time, and let the magic begin.

Let’s say you want an art studio for yourself. You’ve daydreamed about it countless times, I know. So, you make it your goal, your vision, and decide to include it in your vision board art journal.

Next, visualize what the place looks like, how it smells (maybe like fresh flowers), what you can see outside the window. (Oh, imagine the terrace full of flowers and green mountains in the distance.)

Make the image come alive. Live through it. Breathe through it. Let it put a smile on your face. Imagine yourself drawing or painting on a beautiful table, being all creative and inspired.

That’s how you’re telling the universe that you feel it already, it’s up to the universe to send some love back your way. And you gave it directions and instructions!

5. Be grateful.

After you’ve finished a goal or desire, you take a step back and close your eyes. Say gratitude for that dream scenario as if it’s already come true. And be mindful of what you feel during this process.

Show gratitude every time you go through your vision board journal, after visualizations.

6. Put the vision board art journal in a visible place.


Why? Because you want it to be available every day. You need to go through it as much as you can and visualize all those goals you glued down and wrote about. Above all, making a vision board is a process, not a one-time thing.

So, every time you go through your vision board journal, try to evoke the same desired feeling and take a calm moment to visualize it.

This is even better if you do it right before you go to bed because that’ll be the last thought before you fall asleep. Do you know what happens to those thoughts?

They travel directly to your subconscious level and stick. And make a party there. They celebrate your dreams, with a cake, cocktails, selfies, and all that shebang just to help you feel how you want to feel. Don’t send them negative vibes to be the party breakers. That’s just not cool.

7. Think about what you can do to make the vision board work.

inspirational journal PAGE

You can’t control the world or the people around you. However, what you can somewhat control are your mind and your thoughts.

You are aware of how you can get yourself depressed by having negative thoughts. It’s so easy to give in to them, right? When you just let go and give up.

Well, it’s not a bad thing to hit the brakes once in a while, but you shouldn’t make a habit out of it.

Be the boss of your thoughts: positive and negative.

First, when negative thoughts attack, don’t try to defend like your life depends on it. Just embrace them, accept that they’re there. If you don’t make a big fuss about it, they won’t either. The sooner you live through them, the faster they’ll go away.

It’s even useful to be aware of these negative thoughts and try to understand them. Why are they here? This way, you understand yourself better. Also, it might help to write them down.

After the negative has passed, by creating a vision board and nurturing it, you set the stage for the positive in your mind. Eventually, the thoughts from your vision board will become your more frequent habit.

So, train your mind to be positive, but don’t be blind to the negative thoughts. They are also real and they will come and go. If you pretend they’re not here, you’re just putting pink goggles on.

Visualize daily.

The second step would be to promise yourself 5 minutes a day for your visualizations. What are 5 minutes a day? But it’s important that you’re alone, and that nobody can disturb you. Make this process sacred.

Take small action steps.

Thirdly, think about specific action steps you can do in your life today to accomplish goals from your vision board. For example, I want to travel more with my boyfriend.

What I do is save money on the side just for that purpose. Also, I do some research on the places we want to visit. And again,  I visualize our trips and how happy I am.

Another example is the goal of letting go of fear. I did a vision page in my art journal. I also set some actions I needed to go towards my goal. For instance, I set a small task for myself that I’ve always dreaded doing: driving that freakin’ car. Please, anything but that!

Well, driving has terrified me forever, and I avoid the wheel with such witty excuses that I can’t believe how creative they can be. However, I took the plunge yesterday and I drove my neglected car for half an hour. It was nerve-wracking but these are concrete action steps I take in order to make my vision board goals come true.

Final thoughts on your vision board art journal.


Once you’ve created your visions in your journal, you keep it somewhere visible. Go through it whenever you think of it. What’s important here is to evoke the feeling of your vision over and over again. So it’s deeply rooted in your subconsciousness.

And don’t forget the important steps in making this work.

  • Make a vision and set the intention
  • Present it visually in your art journal
  • Visualize the accomplishment of your goals and feelings related to them
  • Take small action steps

Above all, you do all this to influence the subconscious level. As I already told you, it’s not a push of a button. This takes time and effort on your side.

Also, make your goals realistic and practical. What I mean is to be aware of the real life you lead every day.

For example, visualizing your own private island and not having to work is a blind alley. Right? But setting your intention to be fearless, to experience a certain feeling, or visit a place, deal with your own issues, is something achievable and realistic.

So, I hope you’re going to enjoy this process and make it your daily thing to create your own reality. At least have fun and get to know yourself better.

If you’re more into digital vision boards, there’s an amazing article showing you how to make a digital vision board and it’s fun to do. Check it out here.


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