Free Printable Watercolor Stickers For Your Art Journal

Making printable stickers has been my obsession lately. I enjoy designing them, and they’re so fun to put in my art journals.

Even though there are numerous stickers out there, it’s hard for me to find stickers that I actually like. So, after I finished Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator courses, I became obsessed with designing printables and stickers on my own.

I find this process really rewarding, relaxing and I can see instant results. It’s also kind of special when you make something yourself, right?

The great thing about these printable stickers is that you just print them, cut them out, and use them in your art journals. As simple as that.

That’s all you need to do. Print. Cut. Glue.


Well, for all the humans out there who could easily have a heart attack in front of a sticker aisle in a hobby store. Is that you? That’s definitely me.

You can use them for your journals or planners. If you’re just starting with art journaling, this set can help you make simple, yet beautiful pages.

These printable stickers are also for your inner artist who loves the soft watercolor look on your pages. If you’re looking for a feminine touch, these will make your heart skip a few times.


This pdf sticker set includes two A4 sheets. All the designs have the watercolor effect (I’m crazy about watercolors).

The first sheet has:

6 round stickers with words: art, love, freedom

3 round stickers with boho doodles

3 round stickers with Frida Kahlo eyes and brows (amazing brows, right?)

The second sheet includes 4 watercolor printable journaling cards great for a gratitude page, or a journal page with positive affirmations.


Easy peasy. The stickers are in my resource library, waiting for you.

All you have to do is fill in the form below and you’ll instantly get a password for my free resource library, and you’ll sign up for my love letters (oh, yes, they’re full of love, creativity talk, artsy chats, and all that jazz). Once you’re in, you can access all of my printables, any time you want. And I’m always adding new things, so don’t be a stranger there.


round printable stickers in a hand

You can print them on regular paper or sticker paper. If you don’t have a printer, go to a print shop, that’s what I mostly do. I have my guy. He knows I love my prints to be of high quality so he takes care of that. So, just bear in mind to print them with high-quality settings for best results.

I sometimes just print them on a regular paper and then glue them down with glue stick or washi tape.

If you print them on sticker paper, even better. The only thing you’ll have to do is to cut them out yourself. My tip is to leave a bit of white space around the stickers when cutting. You can use an exacto knife or just plain scissors. I like scissors because I think I have more control over them than the sharp knives.

Another good idea would be to cut them all out at once and store them in a small box or bag. That way you have them ready when you need them.


I have a few suggestions for you on how to use these printable stickers. This is how I used them and I like how they turned out.

Here, I used a journaling card starting with the words: I am grateful for. So, I just wrote the things I’m grateful for, painted with some watercolor and stamped this lovely girl.

art journal page with a journaling card
art journal page gratitude card

The next example is an art journal page I did with a positive affirmation. I also used the journaling card from the printable stickers set and glued some words I found in a magazine. The words fit perfectly here! The round stickers served as washi tape, for gluing down the mini photos.

collage art journal page
close-up of art journal page with stickers

This one is a page in my quotes art journal. I love quotes so much that I use them on almost every page. Here, I used the Freedom sticker just next to my quote, to emphasize the importance and the power of the quote.

art journal page with a round sticker

Why not use these stickers and decorate your art journal cover? This is my newest DIY art journal made of paper scraps. I mostly used scrapbook paper leftovers. This is the cover and I put the three stickers here. I love doing things in threes. Btw, three is a magical number. Ask around.

art journal and stickers on a table
art journal cover with stickers

You can also use the stickers in combination with my other journal printables, like vision board printables. They contain feminine designs and words you can really be creative with.


So, these stickers are free, you can find them in my resource library. You can request the password at the bottom of the post.

They are easy to use, just print them, cut them and enjoy using them on your art journal pages.

You can use them in art journals, regular journals, even planners, especially bullet journals. Heck, glue them on your laptop. Bring some joy into the everyday.

Or, prepare them as a gift for somebody. Why not? I’m sure you have a friend who’s crazy about art and creative like you. Make her smile.

Above all, I’d like to see how you use them. Hit the comments button or send me an email at [email protected] I can’t wait to see!


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art journaling printable stickers
free art journal stickers