Break Creative Blocks With One Word Art Journal Prompts and Generate Amazing Ideas for Your Pages

Art journal prompts are amazing go-to solutions when you get stuck at creating or just want some new and fresh ideas.

That’s why I’m sharing 80+ one word art journal prompts to spark your imagination and creativity.

You can also download the list of these prompts so you can have them handy whenever you need more ideas. To download them, fill out the form below.

How to use these art journal prompts

You can use these art journal prompts in a number of ways:

1. Use the word to draw or paint it literally

2. Do these words remind you of a memory? Draw something and journal about it.

3. Combine 2 or 3 prompts together

4. Paint something metaphorical the prompt suggests

5. Just use the word as the focus of your page, and build around it

6. How does this word make you feel?

7. What thoughts does it inspire?


You’ll have a whole year of inspiring prompts for each month.

monthly art journal prompts

The list of one-word art journal prompts


2. Moon

3. Sunflower

4. Stars

5. Zodiac

6. Planets

7. Emptiness

8. Courage

9. Blues

10. Colorful

11. Hope

12. Diversity

13. Contrast

14. Friendship

15. Shapes

16. Rain

17. Butterfly

18. Heart

19. Flower

20. Freedom

21. Spring

22. Cartoon

23. Layers

24. Patience

25. Soul

26. Sparkles

27. Circles

28. Bubble

29. Mountain

30. Obstacle

31. Affirmation

32. Meadow

33. Dreamcatcher

34. Face

35. Dream

36. Rose

37. Sharing

38. Mermaid

39. Freckles

40. Art

41. Travel

42. Vision

43. Grateful

44. Hero

45. Divine

47. Sky

48. Lace

49. Pattern

50. Leaves

51. Love

52. Center

53. Messy

54. Vintage

55. Secret

56. Fairytale

57. Song

58. Passion

59. Angel

60. Wings

61. Sister

62. Witch

63. Spring

64. Garden

65. Oasis

66. Cactus

67. Liberty

68. Quest

69. Paper

70. Color

71. Sunset

72. Sunrise

73. Time

74. Peace

75. Balance

76. Bloom

77. Muse

78. Light

79. Black

80. Story

81. Splash

82. Goals

83. Fashion

84. Home

85. Calm

86. Justice

87. Proud

Enjoy these one-word art journal prompts. I’m sure you’ll find some inspiration and make great art journal pages.

If you want to have all these prompts in one place, you can download them for free below.

A neat idea would be to cut the words out and put them in a jar of ideas. This way, when you open your art journal, just reach into the jar and get a new one-word prompt for the day. Fun, right?


monthly art journal prompts


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