Mindful Art Journaling

Get ideas on using mindful art journaling to grow artistically and personally. This way, you’ll love art journaling even more.

gratitude journal prompts

Gratitude Journal Prompts And How To Keep A Gratitude Art Journal

With gratitude, we understand our past better and find the meaning in it. Also, the habit of being thankful makes us appreciate everything we experience or have at this moment. And as a cherry on top, gratitude helps us envision our future with deep thankfulness for things yet to come. That’s why I want to share gratitude journal prompts that you can use for your art journal and develop the habit of being grateful every day while making art along the way.

fall collage mixed media tutorial

Fall Collage: Creative Mindfulness Exercise With Mixed Media

Through years of art journaling, I’ve found that creating art and being mindful about it can do wonders to my mood and overall positive self-reflection. So, the other day, while I was thinking about a fall collage in my art journal, an idea came out of the blue. If you think about the fall and the falling leaves, you can see that the trees let go of leaves so they can prepare for new and fresh things. So, with this artistic mindfulness exercise, I wanted to share how to become more aware of the things you want to let go.